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Alice McMahon White Studio


Into the Mystic: New Work
Green Groves of Erin
Emerald Isle
Horizons/Celestial Bodies

He didn't come out of my belly, but my God, I've made his bones, because I've attended to every meal, and how he sleeps, and the fact that he swims like a fish because I took him to the ocean. I'm so proud of all those things. But he is my biggest pride.

~ John Lennon on his son, Sean


CORPUS: Interpretations of the Human Form

November 15 to December 3, 2006

Opening: November 17 from 7 to 10 pm

33 Collective Gallery, Zhou B. Art Center, 3rd Floor, 1029 W. 35th St, Chicago

Artists: Krzysztof Babiracki, Todd Birdsell, Harry A. Brown, Denise Burklow, Erin Culton, Bastien Desfriches Doria, Kelly Dykstra, R. Hanel, Jennifer Hines, Peter N. Gray, Anni Holm, Katherine Kaminski, Aleksandra Krasutskaya, Yen-hua Lee, Amanda Lodygowski, Emily Long, Amy MacLennan, Laura Matzen, Bridget Mendoza, Hamlet Meneses, Chantal Philipon-Cegede, Joshua Rains, Stefanie Ramsey, Angela Rose Wilson, Lee T. Sido, Jan Skorb, Cassandra Stadnicki, John Stanicek, Eric H. Steele, Garry Szumsky, Adrian Tio, Alice McMahon White

Deck the Walls

Deck the Walls Holiday Art Exhibition and Sale at Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center.

I will be one of seven artists participating in this show of Irish Inspired visual art. Show runs December 1st 2006 thru January 2nd 2007. Artists receptions to be held Fri. Dec. 1, 5 - 8 pm, and Sun. Dec. 3, 10 - 3pm.

The Irish American Heritage Center

FAB Open Studios

Fine Arts Building Open Studios Event, 410 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

Dec. 1st and Dec. 2nd, 2006. Visit artists in their work environment. All works are available for purchase.

The Fine Arts Building

Green Groves of Erin

Green Groves of Erin Exhibit was held June 15 - July 15, 2006 at the Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago. 15 pieces from the show have been sold!






The White Album, my most recent work, is literally a 20 year labor of love . A quirky "photo-realism" album of my three teenagers, it is foremost a portrait of adolescence. Our youngest son is just entering his turbulent teens; middle-child daughter a promising artist at 16-going-on-26; the eldest son, an adult of 19, is a freshman living at Kent State University, Ohio.

I was on the threshold of my own teen years when the Beatles were the soundtrack for the hippy era. This work draws parallels between then and now, and highlights the universal, eternal character of coming of age. I have attempted to explore the similarities of each generation, despite contemporary sensibilities and recent advances in technology.

A fellow artist recently noted, "We paint to deal with life." These candid "snapshots" are one way I've found to cope with the process of letting go that all parents must make. They document my children's progress during this transitional time in their lives. Thanks to them, I am still learning.

With loving gratitude to my husband, Steve. All you need is love! ~ Alice McMahon White






SEPTEMBER 6 - 30, 2006



The Fine Arts Building Gallery will be presenting The White Album, a one-person show featuring works on paper by member artist Alice McMahon White. McMahon White’s preferred medium is pastel, as it allows her to get her fingers dirty, “…to feel close and in touch with the work.” Her works have a photo-realistic appearance, offering candid glimpses of real people and places caught in the here and now. To this end she concentrates her attention on the deep meaning that can be expressed in a single glance, and the ways in which atmospheric effects can color the emotions. This is especially evident in the current show, which is inspired by her three teenagers and – interestingly – the Beatles. In a series of pastels and drawings, she draws parallels between their generation and that of the Beatles, a relationship that is emphasized by the titles of the pieces: all titles of Beatles tunes. Thus such titles as "My Baby's Got Me Locked Up In Chains,” "Let It Be,” and "Good Day Sunshine" are metaphorically linked to her own children, resulting in a quirky, family “photo-realism” album that captures the moods and personalities of each of the kids; from silly to serious, and mysterious to joyous. Beatles music will in fact be played throughout the opening, lending a multimedia effect to the proceedings.


The media she employs are pastel and graphite, the ephemeral qualities of which seem perfectly appropriate for the fleeting – though nuanced – quality of the experiences she describes. There are a total of twelve pastels, four images of each teen, with the subject engaged (though guardedly) with the viewer. The six graphite drawings tend to depict their subjects in a more introspective mood. But it is clear that McMahon White is at least as interested in the formal qualities of the works, and has accordingly placed a priority on their compositional aspects. Thus these handsome works can be approached on several levels.


McMahon White has had many shows in the Chicago area over the past five years. Some of the major venues have included shows at the Beverly Arts Center, the De Caprio Gallery (Moraine Valley College), the Old Town Arts Center, the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier, and the Irish American Heritage Center. She has also made several appearances at the Chicago Artist’s Coalition Opens, and has just had a show at the McCord House Gallery in Palos Heights. This is her first solo show at the Fine Arts Building Gallery.


The Fine Arts Building Gallery primarily showcases Chicago artists. In addition to the featured exhibit, works of member artists are also on display. All works are for sale. The gallery is located on the 4th floor, Suite 433, next to the Venetian Court of the Fine Arts Building, 410 South Michigan Avenue. The building is a National Historic Landmark, and has been an artist’s colony for over a century.